250A Synergic Inverter MIG/MMA/TIG Welder

Advance Mig 250
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ADVANCEMIG 250 is a fully-featured synergic multi-process MIG welding machine suited to all types of jobs. With inbuilt PFC Technology, IP23 Protection and an Intelligent Protection System (IPS) means that this model is built to withstand the harshest of environments found in the NZ workplace. MIG, TIG and MMA processes enable this machine to excel when welding panel steel, structural steel and aluminium.


  • Active PFC technology for increased duty cycle and energy efficiency
  • Multi-voltage input can use with a long extension lead
  • Synergic MIG operation for optimum welding results
  • Remote control spool gun connection for effective results with soft wires such as aluminium. Suitable for MIG brazing with bronze wires
  • Lift TIG operation with down slope, post gas and remote current control ability
  • Reversable polarity MIG welding operation suitable for gas & gasless MIG welding
  • Mig waveform (inductance) control for great arc control and smooth welding results
  • Damage resistant industrial casing + front panel protection
  • Wire inching and gas purge control
  • Quick, safe & simple to set up
  • Lightweight & compact design ideal for portable applications
  • Strong environmental protection against moisture, salt spray and corrosion
  • High quality & over specified electronic components
  • Durable & reliable Intelligent protection system
  • Temperature, voltage and current sensors for increased reliability & safety
  • Parameter saves & recall function.

Accessories/ Contents

  • 3m Earth Lead with heavy-duty earth clamp, 4m MMA
  • lead with heavy-duty twist lock electrode holder, Parweld
  • PRO2400-40ER MIG Torch, NZ/Australia Argon Gas
  • Regulator, NZ/ Australia Argon Regulator/CO2 Cylinder
  • Adaptor, 4m Gas Hose, Gas Inlet Quick Connector, Gas
  • Hose Clamp x2, Wire Drive Roller 0.6/0.8mm ‘v’ groove
  • x2, Wire Drive Roller 0.9/1.0mm ‘v’ groove x2, Wire Drive
  • Roller 0.8/0.9mm flux-cored x2

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Dimensions 618x240x445mm
Weight 23kg
Input Power Supply 230V AC 15A 50/60Hz
Input Power Supply Tolerance 90-275V
Maximum Input Current 40A
Generator Capacity 9.4KVA
Mig Output Voltage 14V - 26.5V
Mig Output Current 25A - 250A
MIG Duty Cycle 250A@15%, 180A@60%,
MIG Drive Rollers Available 0.6/0.8/0.9/1.0mm V Groove, Knurled 0.8/0.9/1.0mm, U Groove 0.8/1.0mm
Mig Wire Spool Size D200/D300 5kg/15kg
MMA Current Output 10A - 250A
MMA O/C Voltage 65V
MMA Duty Cycle 250A@15%
Insulation Class IP23
Standards EN60974-1:2012
MMA Rod Size 1.6-5.0mm
Warranty Commercial 12 month extends to 36 months with product registration
Power Efficiency 80%
Power Factor 0.99
TIG Current Output 10A-250A
TIG Duty Cycle 250A@35%, 195A@60%, 150A@100%
TIG System Internal solenoid gas control, Lift
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