4.8Mm Pneumatic Riveter Kit

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PE3100 - Pneumatic Riveter Kit This powerful pneumatic riveter is fast and rugged enough for production work. The riveter’s nosepieces are constructed of chrome plated steel for maximum durability. Features include a safety cap to collect spent rivet pins and an air relief valve to prevent overloading. Supplied in blow moulded case. Kit Includes:

Pneumatic Riveter

Rivets - 3 sizes - 1/8in 5/32in & 3/16in (10 of each)

Nose pieces - 2.4mm (3/32in) 3.2mm (1/8in) 4.0mm (5/32in) & 4.8mm (3/16in)

Oil pot (with machine oil)

Spares - jaws jaw case return springs washers & o-rings

Spanners Riveter Specifications:

Capacity - 2.4mm (3/32in) 3.2mm (1/8in) 4.0mm (5/32in) & 4.8mm (3/16in)

Traction Power - 1586lbs / 720kg

Stroke Length - 9/16in / 14mm

Air Inlet - 1/4in

Rec. Hose Diameter - 3/8in

Avg. Air Consumption - 4.0cfm @ 90psi

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