45Pc Imperial Tap & Die Set (Unc/Unf)

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TQ7024 – 45Pc Imperial Tap & Die Set UNF/UNC Tap and Dies manufactured from Tungsten Alloy Steel. Suitable for cleaning and cutting threads on mild steel and aluminium.

45 Piece UNF & UNC

Tungsten Alloy Steel

50mm / 2” Die Holder with 38mm / 1-1/2”Adaptor

Adjustable Tap Wrench – 6mm 25mm

‘T’ Type Tap Wrench – 6mm 13mm

Supplied in Metal Carry Case Sizes: 1/4”NC20 1/4”NF28 5/16”NC18 5/16”NF24 3/8”NC16 3/8”NF24 7/16”NC14 7/16”NF20 1/2”NC13 1/2”NF20 9/16”NC12 9/16”NF18 5/8”NC14 5/8”NF18 3/4”NC10 3/4”NF16 7/8”NC9 7/8”NF14 1”NC8 & 1”NF14

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