4Pc Mbe 7In Snap-Ring (Circlip) Plier Set

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TT474-7E - 4pc 7in MBE Circlip Plier Set TC-Tray™ Modular System - GET ORGANISED WITH TENG! Tray Size: 265 x 142 x 50mm Tray Weight: 0.92kg

Set consisting of 4 circlip pliers (2 straight tip and 2 bent tip pliers for internal and external circlips).

Invisible return spring design.

Insert bearing steel points for heavy duty applications.

Non-slip point angle enables the ring to stick securely to the point when compressing or expanding.

Vinyl grip handles.

DIN 5254.

Supplied in a plastic TC tray with removable lid.

Fits in Teng Tools tool boxes and roller cabinets. Contents: MBE470-7 Circlip Plier Straight Internal - 19-60mm MBE471-7 Circlip Plier Bent Internal - 19-60mm MBE472-7 Circlip Plier Straight External - 19-60mm MBE473-7 Circlip Plier Bent External - 19-60mm

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