500Amp 12V Pro Battery Tester (Carbon Pile)

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PE1043 – 500Amp Battery Tester (Carbon Pile) Portable Battery/Carbon Pile Load Tester unit load tests 12V batteries alternators regulators and starters. Handles load capacity of 500 Amps and tests batteries up to 160Ah/1000 CCA.

Tests 12V Batteries Alternators Regulators & Starters

Tests Batteries up to 160Ah/1000CCA

500Amp Adjustable Load Carbon Pile & Battery Temperature Scale

Colour-coded Temperature Compensation Pass/Fail Chart

Colour-coded Separate Voltmeter & Amperemeter

Overall Dimensions - 230(H) x 270(L) x 130(W)mm

Net Weight – 3.9kg

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