New Zealand’s broadest range of high quality and great value disposable gloves, clothing and janitorial products. Bastion products provide health care professionals with high-quality personal protection in high-risk-of-contamination working conditions.disposable clothing range is trusted and recognized by many industry professionals around the world. Bastion disposable clothing manufacturers have been carefully selected following extensive product testing and evaluation of international standards and certifications.

Bastion management also completes regular monitoring and inspections of production facilities and testing of quality control procedures to the highest level of quality and consistency.

find all your Janitorial Bin liners, dry wipes, scourers, wet wipes & more. New Zealand's leading supplier Sleeves and Hats, Masks and Respirators, Gowns and Suits, Overalls, Overshoes, Coats and Aprons Latex Gloves, Vinyl Gloves,Nitrile Gloves, Polyethylene Gloves, Synthetic Gloves, Household Gloves, Progenics Dispensing System, Standard Glove Dispensers

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