Green Choice

Green Choice is a compostable food services packaging brand consisting of a quality product range. Green Choice Quality range consists of the most popular types and sizes of takeaway food and drink containers and cutlery.

All our Green Choice products have earned the required levels of managed forestry, food safety and compostability certification. Our products do not contain petroleum-based plastics, chemical dyes or inks.

Green Choice only use plant-based materials in our construction. Green Choice product manufacturers have been carefully selected following extensive product testing and evaluation of companies who comply with relevant international standards and certifications.

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  1. White Confectionary Bag
    Now $3.00
    Out of stock
  2. Pizza Box - Gourmet Print
    From $70.69
  3. Foodwrap
    From $62.30
  4. Pulp 4 Cup Holder
    Now $62.30
  5. Cardboard Pulp 2 Cup Holder
    Now $63.61
  6. Kraft Napkins
    Now $29.80
  7. PLA Straw Cocktail
    Now $39.50
  8. PLA Straw Straight White
    From $99.10
  9. PLA-Free Black Straws
    Now $181.50
  10. PLA-free Kraft Straws
    From $33.70
  11. PLA-Free White Straws
    From $33.75
  12. Chip Scoop Box KRAFT PLA
    Now $140.50
  13. Bamboo Regular Square Hamburger Box
    Now $72.22
  14. Bamboo Large Square Clamshel
    Now $97.50
  15. Bamboo Rectangle Clamshell
    Now $48.50
  16. Bamboo Bowl
    Now $87.50
  17. Bamboo Dinner Plate
    From $78.50
  18. Bamboo Side Plate
    Now $110.46
  19. CPLA Spoon
    Now $79.50
  20. CPLA Knife
    Now $79.50
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44 items

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