Butylen R20 Outer Wrap Tape 50Mm X 30M

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R20 - Butylen R20 Self-Amalgamating Outer Wrap Tape 50mm x 30M BUTYLEN tapes can be combined in various ways to make tape systems

All systems have in common that a self-amalgamating three-ply tape or a butyl tape is always used for the innermost layer of corrosion protection

Only tapes of this type amalgamate in the overlap area to form a sleeve-like coating that is practically diffusion resistant to water vapour and oxygen

Two tape system for the corrosion protective coating of metal pipes according to DIN 30672 and EN 12068

For highly corrosive conditions and high mechanical stresses

Features BUTYLEN-System AS40+ – R20HT

Mechanically highly resistant tape system (stress-class C-50 according to DIN EN 12068)

Sleeve-type coating due to amalgamation of innerwrap tape

Practically impermeable to water vapour and oxygen.

Resistant to soil bacteria and soil electrolyte

Compatible with coatings from PE PP FBE PU CTE and Bitumen. The BUTYLEN-System R20HT Consists of: BUTYLEN-Primer HT

Solvent based priming solution. BUTYLEN-Tape R20HT White

2-ply plastics tape with stabilised polyethylene backing and butyl rubber adhesive on one side.

Mechanically highly resistant by HDPE backing.

Excellent bonding between adhesive and carrier film via co-extruded intermediate layer.

Thickness: 0.5mm

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