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Coal Tar Epoxy is a two pack which employs a co-raacting polyamide resin and an aromatic polyamine catalyst as curing agents. It is self priming and exhibits good adhesion qualites to clean structural steel and concrete surfaces. It has excellent water resistance, good chemical and oil resistance, and is not significantly affected by continuous exposure to direct sunlight.

This paint is a heavy bodied thixotropic material which is usually sprayed in two heavy coats to a dry film thickness of 200 microns. The base of the two pack contains a refined coal tar pitch, a liquid polyamide resin, a polyamine catalyst to accelerate its curing rate. The hardener is a liquid type resin which is mixed into the base component 30 minutes prior to application.

After mixing, the paint remains useable with thinning for upward of four hours at normal ambient temperatures, but its viscosity will show a gradual rise during this period. The storage properties of each component are excellent. However, some separation of ingredients in the base component may take place during prolonged storage, and its apparent viscosity may increase. Hand stirring should readily restore the material to its original homogeneity but to break down the thixotropic gel formulated during storage it requires vigorous power stirring.

This paint is suitable for use on steel surfaces subjected to fresh water immersion, tidal or splash zone exposures, buried exposures and for interiors of tanks containing crude oil, salt brine and petroleum products. The cured coating imparts little or no odour and taste to water, but with respect to toxicity is no longer recommended for the interior surfaces of portable water tanks owing to the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon content of the coal tar pitch.

This paint is primarily intended for use both as a primer and finish coat over clean steel in chemical or marine environments, on buried tanks and pipes, on steel immersed in fresh or salt water, in tidal, splash and weather zone exposures, and for interiors of tanks and lines containing crude oil, salt brine or caustic soda. 

Colour/ Texture: Black satin finish

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