Delivery & Tracking

We will send you a confirmation email as soon as you place your order.

Please contact us if this did not happen, It is normally due to an incorrectly entered email. 

ChemMate will email you your tracking link, please check your spam folder if this cannot be found. If you still cannot find this, please email us at:

1. Name

2. Order Number

3. Address

4. Phone Number

This helps us expedite the process. 

Order and Delivery

This will be subject to stock availability. If we anticipate that you will not receive the goods within that time we will advise the reason for the delay and the likely date of the delivery. You will then be asked to confirm the order or cancel the order. We will not be liable for any delays in delivery of goods or services.

Chem Mate is closed weekends and public holidays. You can still email us, or leave us a message at 0800CHEMMATE.

Delivery Advice: Most deliveries are exceptionally prompt but:
We cannot give precise delivery times as it is dependent on the variable loads that couriers have and sometimes weather interruptions can also hamper deliveries.

But at the risk of over-delivering on service, we just wanted to let you know your order will be shipped or trucked or maybe even hand-carried en route to you.
If you are rural, allow some additional time, just in case. 

If your order does not arrive within 5 business days, please contact us at