Epoxy Pool Finish 3:1 - Hardener

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Epoxy finish is a two pack polyamide – cured epoxy giving a tile like decorative finish, combined with resistance to a variety of chemicals and mineral oils.

  • High gloss.
  • 3 parts base to 1 part hardener.
  • Touch dry 3-4 hours/ Hard dry -24 hours.
  • Pot life 16 hours.
  • Recoat 6 hours.
  • Maximum – Where extended periods of time have elapsed prior to recoating, care should be taken to thoroughly abrade all areas to avoid delamination.
  • 11 square metres per litre.

Thinners use: 9.03 Transomarine for brushing and 9.04 Transomarine for spraying.

Application methods: brush, roller or spray.

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