Epoxy Zinc Primer 3:1

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A zinc pigmented quick drying epoxy primer for grit blasted steel which is highly weather resistant and will protect against corrosion for extended time periods. Can be used as a shop primer or holding primer and may even be left without a topcoat in areas inaccessible after fabrication. This product is also recommended for use in container systems.

It can be overcoated by a wide range of systems including: 1.58 Hi Build Epoxy Primer Undercoat, 1 . 9 9 Epoxy Primer Undercoat, 2.11 Epoxy Tar PA, 3.43 Polyurethane Gloss and 4.60 Epoxy Finish. However avoid a first coat that contains materials which react with zinc e.g. drying oils.

Apply one coat @ 55 microns.

Colour/ Texture: Red Oxide

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