Ethanol Denatured SDA AMS MS99WP

Ethanol Denatured SDA AMS MS99WP
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  • Solvent Alcohol for manufacture of resins, fats, oils, printing inks, cleaning compounds, aerosols, adhesives, surface coatings, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and healthcare & photographic emulsions. 
  • A motor and heating fuel, 
  • A biological preservative, insecticide. 
  • Used in disinfectant and in liquid detergents and soaps. 
  • Ethanol Automotive Fuel Additive
Clear absolute grade alcohol. Water white primary aliphatic alcohol with a non residual odour. Used where an uncoloured, industrial grade anhydrous alcohol is required. Used in applications where the presence of water is undesirable. Denatured with Methanol. Generally referred to as being 99% Ethanol or 100% Ethanol Without Paradine.

Ethanol M99WP is not a “potable” spirit as it includes a denaturant.
  • Sometimes used or known as Pure Ethanol ie Ethanol with a minimal water content. (note this product is still denatured and not drinkable)
  • Used for making Bio Ethanol, Bio Fuel, Bio Diesel, and other Ethanol Automotive Fuels. These are formulated using Ethanol grades like SDA, AMS, Anhydrous Ethanol, MS99WP, or Anhydrous Methylated Spirits as additives. These are generally used because of their minimal water content.
  • Surface Coatings: used as a solvent for synthetic resins such as polyvinyl acetate and in combination with aromatic hydrocarbons, esters and ketones. It is used in nitrocellulose lacquers, vinyl resin solutions and phenolic laminating and impregnating varnishes.
  • Printing Inks: used as a solvent or co-solvent in the manufacture of rotogravure and flexographic printing inks. It is also used as a dilutent for such inks.
  • Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and Health Care Products: used in hair lacquers, shampoos, body deodorants, skin lotions & creams and perfumes.

Miscellaneous Applications: cleaning compounds, as a base solvent in some aerosols, in making adhesives and adhesive labels, in making plastic products and resin laminates, in photographic film emulsions, etc, insecticides & fungicides, as a refrigerant, in electrical insulating fluids, as a rubber processing accelerator, as a preservative for biological samples, for sterilising dental and medical equipment.

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