Fina Glow Polyurethane

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Fina Glow represents an enormous advance in the technology of clear coatings. The coating has the ideal balance of hardness and resilience required for heavy traffic floors in the home or in public buildings. A Fina Glow floor never needs waxing. The finish does not scuff, and will require washing to maintain the original lustre. It also displays good solvent chemical and water resistance. Fina Glow cures by utilising atmospheric moisture to promote the hardening reaction, and even the driest climate will provide the necessary moisture. Fina Glow is most often used as a floor coating for timber, particle board and cork tiles. It is also used on work benches, desks, shelving, wall panelling, or on areas subjected to heavy use. The finish is a high gloss but can be flattened off to a satin by adding 778-010 Moisture Cure Flatting Agent to the recommended ratio of 4 parts Fina Glow to 1 part Flatting Base. The number of coats must be related to the expected severity of service, but will not be less than 3 coats on a new floo

NB: Fina Glow is not recommended for exterior use

Colour/ Texture: Clear 

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