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Fuelite is a water white, medium cut, aliphatic petroleum solvent and fuel containing approximately 90% saturated hydrocarbons in the range C5-C10, and 10% napthenes and substituted monoaromatics in the range C6-C10. It is a relatively fast evaporating, non-corrosive and chemically stable hydrocarbon solvent with a mild odour and very low aromatic content.

Lighting - Cooking and Heating - Metal Cleaner - Workshop Degreaser - Rapidly evaporating clean burning fuel used for camp stoves, blow lamps, mining lamps & cigarette lighter fluid. Removes adhesives. Cleans grease & oil off metal surfaces. Brake cleaner. Used in metal cleaning and degreasing of engines & machinery.


  • Lighting, cooking and heating Fuel.
  • Metal cleaner.
  • Workshop degreaser. 
  • Clean burning fuel used for camp stoves, blow lamps, mining lamps
  • Cleans grease & oil off metal surfaces. 
  • Brake cleaner. 
  • Used in metal cleaning and degreasing of engines & machinery. 
  • Spot cleaning solvent
  • Cigarette lighter fluid


  • Rubber Industry: Fuelite is rubber solvent in tyre building adhesives and as an “activator” of uncured rubber surfaces in the tyre building process. 
  • Surface Coatings Industry: Fuelite may be used in fast drying alkyd paints such as road-marking paints. 
  • Used in combination with oxygenated solvents for nitrocellulose lacquer formulations and thinners, as a partial or total replacement for toluene. 
  • Textile Industry: Used in the preparation of fast drying printing inks for textiles.
  • Adhesives: For many adhesive formulations where quick evaporation and volatility are desired. 
  • Used in blanket wash formulations to increase the evaporation time without reducing the solvency.
  • Ingredient in tyre shine products because of its solvency, quick evaporation, very low aromatic content and mild odour. 
  • It is also commonly used as a substitute for hexane where a lower cost solvent is required with comparable solvency and volatility characteristics. 

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