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Hive Guard
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306 Hive Guard is a semigloss non-toxic water based coating especially designed for application to beehives. It can be applied direct to timber without the need of a primer, and is available in a range of appropriate colours. 


To avoid bees drifting from one colony to another ensure that all hives in an apiary are painted different colours. Bee primary colours are blue, green and ultraviolet and they can see colours from the yellow to ultraviolet areas of the electromagnetic spectrum. Bee’s favourite colours are purple, violet and blue. In the blue area of the spectrum bees see a wider variety of colours than we do and can see shades in the ultraviolet that are invisible to us. Red shades are invisible to bees, so any hive painted bright red will look black to a bee. 


  • Semigloss finish
  • Exceptional durability
  • Easy application and wash-up with water
  • Low odour
  • Excellent coverage
  • Direct-to-timber application
  • Quick drying under normal atmospheric conditions
  • Cures down to 5°C
  • Made in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions

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