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Duralon NY 90 is a Hgh Gloss aliphatic moisture cure polyurethane providing protection against the yellowing/darkening which occurs with standard aromatic polyurethanes subjected to UV light.

The use of a non yellowing finish on natural timber ensures the onginal timber colour is maintained for an extended period of time. This is particularly important with light timbers or where the floor is exposed to high levels of UV light due to the natural darkening (yellowing) of standard type polyurethanes. NY 90 does not contain UV absorbers, therefore to prevent the bleaching effect of UV rays on timber or cork over long periods the use of 778-040 additive is strongly recommended. Non Yellowing (aliphatic type) polyurethanes cure slower than standard types. They may also appear softer or slightly sticky to touch even when fully cured. NY has exceptionally good abrasion resistance.

Duralon NY 90 exhibits excellent flow during application and provides an attractive abrasion resistant silky finish. Duralon NY 90 is ideal for use on timber, coloured cork, parquet, particle board and floors where a pastel colour has been applied. Duralon NY 90 is not recommended for exterior use. Where an exterior non yellowing vamish/polyurethane is required, refer specification sheet 09.38 Alpha Varnish.


  • Timber Coloured 
  • Cork Pastel 
  • Coloured Floor-Timber/Concrete 
  • Parquet 
  • Particle 
  • Board/Strand Board 

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