Organic Cement off

Organic Cement off
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Organic Cement offremoves concrete and cement deposits from vehicles and other surfaces. “Organic Cement Off” performs as effectively as traditional acid products such as Hydrochloric, Nitric and Phosphoric, but does not have the same corrosivity, and is much ‘kinder’ to the paintwork.



As a guide 1 Litre of “Organic Cement Off” will dissolve 400gms of the calcium carbonate scale.
For removing concrete deposits dilute 1 part“Organic Cement Off” up to 6 parts water.


Clear, thin pale liquid. Organic Chloride Salt.


Can also be used for

  • Removing hard water scale
  • Removes grout haze
  • Removes efflorescence
  • For etching marble & limestone Milk stone remover
  • For use in marine and processing industries
  • Lime removal


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