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932 Sanding Sealer is a clear, quick drying, modified nitrocellulose wood sealer. It does not contain an organic sanding aid, and is therefore suitable under pre-catalysed lacquers without ‘bloom’ problems.

932 Sanding Sealer shows excellent sealing and lacquer hold out properties. It is a modified nitrocellulose one pack sealer for use on timber, hard board, plywood and furniture. With quick dry and cure times Sanding Sealer displays excellent sanding qualities and is suitable for over-coating with 936 Pre Catalysed Lacquers.

A premium quality Nitrocellulose Sealer for manufactured boards. 930 Customwood Sealer has been formulated to resist the inhibition of dry arising from the waxes or oils present in most processed timber boards.

932 Sanding Sealer should not be used to seal oily timbers such as Rimu, Matai or Totara. On these timbers 772 Portco 2K Sealer is recommended.

For sealing timber that will be subsequently exposed to damp conditions, e.g. kitchen cabinets and vanity units, 772 Portco 2K Sealer is recommended.


  • Fast drying Good holdout ensuring even gloss of finish coats of lacquer
  • Excellent colour development on dark or dark stained timber
  • Crisp sanding character
  • Supplied ready for use
  • Made in New Zealand for New Zealand manufactured boards and conditions

Colours: Clear

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