Turbo Orange Scrub

Turbo Orange Scrub
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TURBO Orange Scrub Hand Cleaner is a new type of hand cleaner based on special solvents derived from Brazilian oranges. Turbo Orange Scrub Hand Cleaner works on grease-based grime. It is antiseptic and contains lanolin to keep skin moisturized. It rinses off freely in cold water, or can be wiped off with a cloth where water is not available.


TURBO Orange Scrub Hand Cleaner is extra-kind to the hands and ideal for a sensitive skin. The solvent is mostly replaced by an extract of squeezed oranges and a mild, friable scrubbing agent. This helps removal of general household and industrial dirt, grease, oil, dried acrylic paints, resins, tar, printing ink and carbon-based dirt from the hands.


It will leave them supple and in a good condition due to the lanolin content and antiseptic properties. Washes off with water. The oil and dirt smells are replaced with a pleasant orange fragrance.


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