Ucc Petrolatum Primer 4Kg Tub

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FSPP04 - UCC Petrolatum Primer 4KG Tub UCC Petrolatum Primer is composed of neutral petrolatum compound stabilised with inert fillers and complemented with corrosion inhibitors. UCC Petrolatum Primer is designed to prepare the substrate for UCC Petrolatum Mastic and UCC Petrolatum Tapes. Features:

Surface Tolerance on marginally prepared substrates; St 2.0.

Conforms to irregular shapes and profiles.

Can be applied to cold wet substrates.

Unaffected by water acid salts or bacterial attack.

Encapsulates lead painted substrates.

Nil VOC s.

Ease of application at high and low temperature extremes.

Ready for immediate service no curing time.

Conforms with AWWA C 217-09 & AS 4822. Application:

Prepare surface to St 2 std.

Apply UCC Petrolatum Primer to substrate at a spread rate of 5kg/m² approx.

Profile projections and voids with UCC Petrolatum Mastic.

Spirally apply tape incorporating 55% overlap to achieve a double thickness with circumferential turn.

Overwrap tape with UCC PVC OverWrap spirally applied with 55% overlap. Product Properties: Properties | Value Specific Gravity | 1.1 Solids Content | >99.8% Spread Rate | 4-6m²/kg Application Temperature | -10 to +45°C Service Temperature | -20 to +75°C Excursion Peak Temperature | 80°C

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