15% Sodium Hypochlorite

Xy Plus
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Xy-Plusis a concentrated sodium hypochlorite product used for

  • Equipment sanitizing
  • General Dairy cleaning
  • Water Treatment (Swimming Pools etc) 
  • Green Algae and moss remover

Equipment Sanitizing

Use 200 ml per 100L of clean water to sanitize previously cleaned and rinsed equipment. Allow a contact time of 5 minutes.

Water Treatment (Swimming Pool)

To remove microbial contamination of water supplies to produce clean water, add 5 to 25 ml per 1,000L water as appropriate. Allow 20-minute minimum contact time. Test water next day for residual chlorine level, the target is a minimum of 0.05 ppm. Please be aware chlorine may be low if the product is six months older than the label date. Use rate should be increased accordingly to ensure sufficient residual.

Environmental Cleaning

A mix ratio of 2 partsclean water to 1 part XY-PLUS. Minimum contact time of 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Some particularly heavy soiled areas may require some scrubbing.

For use in Dairy Farms (Contact Surfaces) – H1480

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