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How To Soft Wash Your House

When it comes to taking care of the exterior of your property, there are are many way’s to get the job done. Depending on your situation and preference you can use pressure washing, a chemical soft wash or even both to effectively and efficiently clean the exterior of your building. Using pressure washer’s can actually take longer and often causes damage to soft surfaces so Soft Washing is by far the most effective exterior cleaning solution for homes.

Over at ‘Hire a Mate’ we use ‘Soft Washing’ as our go-to cleaning system that is suitable for all types of houses and is effective for removing spider webs, moss/algae, dirt, grime and other unwanted build-ups.



Here’s a quick guide of how you too can effectively ‘Soft Wash’ your house and what chemicals might make your life easier.



Prepare yourself for the task ahead by getting together the equipment that is required for the job. You are going to need a garden hose, a sprayer, some chemicals and an extendable brush.


Sprayer: Choose a spray that has a large flow capacity to make sure you apply enough solution for an effective result. You may want to choose an automatic mixing nozzle that fits onto bottles to make things easier.



Chemicals: Choosing a product that contains sodium hypochlorite and natural surfactants will allow for an effective clean that will remove moss/algae, dirt, spider webs and other unwanted build ups. The easiest thing to do is buy

a premixed ‘House Washing’ concentrated solution, that you can find on www.chemmate.co.nz  so you don’t risk getting the concentrations wrong.


Step 2:

Apply plenty of chemicals to the target area, making sure you cover the entire area and allow for the solution to sit for 10-15 Minutes. This will allow the chemicals to do their job, killing moss/algae and grabbing onto those unwanted builds so that you can remove them in the next step. It's best if you keep the area wet, especially if you are spraying windows as the dried solution can be hard to remove if left too long.



Step 3:

Wash thoroughly with water and watch as all that moss/algae, dirt, grime, spiderwebs, dust and everything ugly washes away! You can do large areas at a time to maximise efficiency. If there are any stubborn areas that just won’t budge then use that extendable brush to give it that little extra help it needs.



Or…… If you would rather have someone else do the hard work for you, jump over to www.hireamate.co.nz and get an instant online quote.

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