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Here are our trade secretes for spraying Moss and Algae Killer  used by Facility Works Ltd that you can use yourself to achieve commercial level results and keep your property free of green moss algae and lichen all year round.

Method 1: Back Pack Sprayer

Many people believe that using a back packer sprayer is time consuming and not worth effort, this totally not true and is definitely a great way of spraying a decent amount of Benzalkonium Chloride onto driveways, paths, walls and any other surface you can reach with your average back pack sprayer. 

One of the misconceptions of using Moss and Algae killer is the amount needed to effectively coat the surface so that moss and algae will die. All that is needed is a light spray of diluted Moss and Algae killer and with a 5L pack back sprayer you can treat your whole property within quickly and effectively.

We use this method on car yards and tight areas where caution is required and mobility is preferred.


Method 2: Water Blaster Foaming Lance

Pouring undiluted Moss and Algae killer into a water blasting foaming lance is hands down the fasted and most economic way to distribute Benzalkonium Chloride onto ground surfaces as well as surfaces at height. Facility Works Ltd uses this method to coat roofs, driveways, paths, yards and any surface the customer requests. The foaming lance creates a thick foam that increases surface cover and contact time. 

Also what makes this method a good idea is the fact that you don't have to run any of the thick surfactant through your pump systems. It is alway better to avoid running chemicals through water blasting pumps if possible.


Regardless of the method used this products long lasting effects and usability makes it the perfect solution for keeping green moss and algae away so that your assets can look amazing all year round. Remember to always use PPE and keep away from children. If it is meant to rain make sure there is a 4-5 hours window to allow for adequate drying.

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