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Why commercial and industrial cleaning products in an office environment is good for business

Why commercial and industrial cleaning products in an office environment is good for business


Having a clean and hygienic office doesn’t just look good; polished and shiny surfaces and clean carpets make the workspace more inviting and sets a positive tone for the environment. Your team’s health and wellbeing also reap the benefits, as it increases their productivity and on-the-job satisfaction.


The benefits of a clean and hygienic office


There are two key benefits to a clean and hygienic office:


1. It gives a great first impression and positions your brand well. A clean area is more appealing and inviting for potential clients, new partners, or and even potential hires – all of whom you want to impress. 


2. It makes for a better work environment for your team. By making sure your office space is clean and tidy, your team will feel more comfortable and be better able to focus on their work, rather than be distracted by a dusty work surface or grimy kitchen. 


A clean and hygienic workspace will also reduce sick days, as those pesky germs that can lead to illnesses are kept well in check.


Hiring cleaning staff or contractors with the right experience


Asking your team to pop their dishes into the dishwasher after using them, or keeping their desk tidy are reasonable requests, but you still want to hire experts to do the bulk of the cleaning work. Expert cleaners are trained in cleaning office surfaces and areas thoroughly and will use the right equipment and cleaning products to make sure the job is done safely and hygienically. 


They will also make sure office equipment or machinery isn’t damaged by using the wrong chemicals, and that areas are appropriately disinfected to help keep everyone healthy. Spilt coffee or dropped lunch is inevitable in any office environment, and they’ll have the right products to deal with unexpected spills. 


Finally, as trained professionals, they know how to mix and use each cleaning product correctly to keep themselves – and your team – safe.


The importance of using the right cleaning products


As with any cleaning job, it’s important to use the right cleaning products. Offices often have different areas that require different cleaning products – from kitchens and meeting rooms to open-plan office floors and bathrooms. This is because it not only keeps the area clean and sanitary, but it also doesn’t expose you, your team and office equipment to the wrong chemicals.


Here’s what you want your office cleaning products to achieve:


1. Disinfect all areas


One of the most important parts of cleaning your office is to get rid of particles that could make people sick. 2020 has shown us just how easy it is for a virus to spread – not only through the air but also from surface contact. You want to make sure your cleaning products can kill any viruses and bacteria that may be hanging around the office. 


2. Keep your office smelling pleasant


Sometimes, effective cleaning products can leave an unpleasant smell, which can act as irritants. You want to find products that remove bad odours, without replacing them with something equally unpleasant. While you might love the smell of lemon or lavender, not everyone in your office may feel the same.


3. Keep the area looking clean


The way your office looks is an integral part of how ‘clean’ it feels. Your office may be sanitary, but if it’s still dusty with a stained floor, it’s not going to feel that way. Alongside disinfecting, your office cleaning products should help your office look clean, from removing stains in carpets to leaving a shiny, streak-free surface on glass.


4. Good for the planet


As you bring more sustainable practices into your office environment – like recycling facilities and going paperless – you may want to consider using eco-friendly cleaning products where possible. These are often just as effective in keeping surfaces clean and sanitary but have the added benefit of being less detrimental to the environment, your employees, and your cleaners.  


How ChemMate can help


ChemMate offers full-service industrial cleaning alongside selling a wide range of high-quality bulk cleaning products. Whether you’re looking for a full cleaning service or just the best selection and price on cleaning products for your office, ChemMate can help. 


To learn more, visit chemmate.co.nz or give us a call on 0800 CHEM MATE

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