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Safe and Sound at home again, now is the time to remove salt build-up and keep your boat, car and equipment safe from rust and corrosion. Shipmate has your back and is the right choice for effective corrosion-control for all your equipment.


How it works:

  • Water based
  • Apply to any surface
  • Removes salt contamination from sea water and sea air
  • Road salt removal application
  • Contains mild surface active agents that inhibit rust and prevent corrosion.


Instructions for Use:

Use 1 litre of concentrated Shipmate to make 500 litres of diluted solution. Use 50ml when flushing 90hp engine. For engines over 90hp, use 70ml.

  1. Dilute Shipmate 1:512 in sprayer or use an automatic mixer/applicator
  2. Apply to any surface
  3. Rinse off or leave on


Ship Mate Features:

  • Eliminates all traces of salt
  • Suitable for engine flushing
  • Suitable for rods and tackle
  • Rinse-able or leave without rinsing
  • Fragrance free
  • Non-toxic / Non-hazardous when diluted appropriately
  • Biodegradable/ Environmentally friendly
  • Suitable for wetsuits and diving gear
  • For marine and non-marine applications
  • Safe for metal surfaces including steel, iron & aluminium, fibre glass, plastics, glass and nylon, rubber, canvas, leather and fabrics
  • Cut cleaning time in half and save water