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Wet and Forget vs 30 Seconds Spray Walk Away

We are constantly bombarded with adverts from companies claiming that they are selling some special formula for killing Moss and Algae.

The two biggest names in the industry being ‘Wet and
Forget’ and ’30 Seconds’.

Both of these companies sell colourful bottles full of big promises but the truth is that these two products are completely different but the active formula in one is just as common as the other. The active ingredient in wet and forget is called Benzalkonium Chloride which is a chemical that belongs to the quaternary ammonium class of biocides. Although nothing special and used in most Moss/ Algae Killers, Benzalkonium Chloride is highly effective at controlling unwanted organic growths as it acts to keep the organic growths from returning straight away. The only downside is the time it takes to get the results the average home owner is looking for. At the concentrations that companies like Wet and Forget sell their products at it can many months to kill moss, lichen, mould, algae and fungi and is quite pricey. 30 Seconds on the other hand contains a completely different active ingredient and far more well known, Sodium Hypochlorite. Sodium HyperChlorite, Bleach or Chlorine is a chemical that is used for a wide range or purposes, one of those being to kill moss, algae, lichen and fungi.

At higher concentrations sodium hypochlorite will kill just about anything but at the very low concentrates that 30 Seconds sell it at in their tiny bottles you will be struggling kill anything. Sodium Hypochlorite works incredibly fast and provides the instant results that most homeowners want, the down side with this chemical though is that there is nothing to keep the organic growth away and at higher concentrations should be handled with extreme care. 

It is hard to compare the two with each other because they essential are doing different jobs. Wet and Forget is controlling the algae and keeping it away and 30 Seconds is killing it more rapidly. In a perfect world you would use both, one to kill the organic growth quickly and the other to keep it away. 

You can find higher concentrate alternatives for both these products on "Moss and Algae Killer" and "15% Sodium HyperChlorite" to achieve maximum results for controlling algae, moss, lichen and fungi.

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