Moss & Algae Killer

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"Moss and Algae Killer" is a Benzalkonium Chloride Based product suitable for most surfaces.

"Moss and Algae Killer" has been designed for maximum efficiency without sacrificing the usability and quality of the product. The concentration of "Moss and Algae Killer" of 50% is most practical concentration that can be used at lower dilutions while still providing long lasting protection of Moss, Algae, Lichen and other unwanted organic build ups.

Contains: Benzalkonium Chloride

Heavy Duty Removal and Control: Dilute 1 part to 25 parts of water

General Purpose Removal and Control: Dilute 1 part to 50 parts of water


Suitable for Most Surfaces

Exterior: Roofs (Excluding asphalt shingles), decks, brickwork, fences, pathways, house, other outdoor surfaces.

Interior: Walls, floors, ceiling, other indoor surfaces

Application: Spray or brush

Interior Surfaces: Apply and allow to dwell on the surface as long as possible without drying out. Sponge off excess residue.

Exterior Surfaces: Apply and leave for a few days, remove lichen or moss with a stiff brush or high-pressure water spray. Don't apply before rain.

       *Note: Some lichen and algae's may take up to one week to die



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