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“Chemmate Car Wash” is a neutral pH detergent for vehicle cleaning. Whether used in a car washing machine or by manual application. It can be hosed off immediately after the vehicle has been cleaned and requires only air drying. Perfectly safe on chrome work, “Chemmate Car Wash” shampoo is most impressive in fast removal of road grime, fume scum that may have gathered on paintwork and windows. Exceptionally economical and only requires approximately 50ml to 5 liters of water. “Chemmate Car Wash” has proven ideal to use in hard water regions.  


Private cars, vans, buses, coaches, motorcycles and any painted surfaces, windows.


Always wash the vehicle in a shady place and when the paintwork is cool. Dilute “Chemmate Car Wash” shampoo and stir in well to whip up a good foam. Apply with a cloth, mechanical sprayer, wool mitt or soft brush. Start from the bottom and work upwards. This keeps all surface wet until hosing off is commenced. Rinse off with a gently flowing hose from top to bottom until all foam
is dispersed.

Dilution:  50ml 'Chemmate Car Wash' /  5L Water


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